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Holistic Animal Health


Baloo, 2015

What is holistic medicine?

Preventing illness and maintaining health and balance

Pet owners are facing a difficult environment when making health related decisions for their animals.  They are surrounded by conflictive messages from the conventional  and holistic health fields, and an overload of information and products from the pet industry. My work focuses on educating and guiding you through responsible and sensible pet ownership, with a holistic approach towards medical problems. You will learn to make the right lifestyle and medical decisions for your individual circumstances.

  • The best way to deal with illness is prevention. Many of our pets currently live in a high stress, unbalanced physical and emotional environment. Deficient and/or inappropriate nutrition, and chemical overuse are added factors that end up creating chronic illness at a young age.

  • Integrating traditional knowledge, modern medical science/technology and biology is the key for the most successful illness management and resolution. Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and herbs, nutrition and nutraceuticals, physical rehabilitation and behavioral reconditioning are some of the tools I use for healing. 


Kajuk and Mealy, 2019

My Services

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The art of balancing the energetic body to promote healing

Acupuncture has been practiced in both animals and humans for thousands of years. Specific points in the body are stimulated by dry-needling, aqua-acupuncture or electro-acupuncture to restore the flow of energy (Qi) and regain physiological homeostasis. This will allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function properly and reestablish health.

  • Acupuncture is used for many acute and chronic conditions such as soft tissue and joint trauma, chronic pain from degenerative musculo-skeletal disorders, immuno-related illness, liver and kidney disease, metabolic and endocrine unbalances (i.e. diabetes and hypothyroidism), anxiety, epilepsy, gastro-intestinal problems, etc

Nia, 2012


Whole balanced species appropriate diets

There has been a lot of controversy about our pet’s diets over the last two decades. What is a balanced diet? What is species appropriate? Commercial processed or natural fresh diets? Cooked or raw? Is there a need for supplements and which ones?

  • It all depends on the individual animal, food sources and your environment and circumstances. “We are what we eat”. A healthy balanced diet is one of the pillars for health, wellbeing and longevity.

  • Nutritional consultations will teach you to provide the best nutrition for your companion adapted to his/her breed, age, health status, climate and food availability.


Trenca, 2015


Milu, 2018


The active pursuit of regaining normal functionality

Many physical and mental/emotional problems can be solved with the proper rehabilitation protocol  without the use of drugs or aggressive medical interventions. Lifestyle changes, proper training, environmental enrichment and basic animal biology/behavioral knowledge can change the fate of your animal’s health and your home’s harmony.

  • Rehabilitating tools for physical injuries or chronic degenerative conditions include heat and cold therapy, massage, infrared or laser therapy, hydrotherapy, exercise protocols and support braces.

  • Many health problems, both physical and behavioral, originate from chronic stress. The most common examples of stress sources for our pets these days are lack of environmental and mental stimulation,  inadequate exercise, absent or inappropriate socialization, humanization, disconnection with the natural environment, exposure to human emotional stress and chronic natural behavioral and physical restriction.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine

An ancient holistic and curative medical practice

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  interprets pain and illness as the blockage of energy (Qi) flow through the body that leads to stagnation, deficiency or excess conditions. As a holistic practice, its goal is to identify the root of the problem causing the unbalance and make the necessary changes to correct it. These could be dietary, behavioral, environmental or exercise.

  • Herbal formulas are used in the same manner to balance the Qi flow blockages, excess or deficiency in the different organs and systems.

  • A combination of a therapeutic diet, acupuncture and herbs is the fastest and most efficient tool to regain and maintain health, accompanied by the appropriate lifestyle and environment.

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Lucas, 2010

"The disconnection from complex human negative emotions and stress energies allows our animal companions to relax and achieve physiological homeostasis and self healing. Being able to follow their natural instincts and express their biological and unconditioned behaviors, under the stimulation and freedom of the natural environment, should be a daily part of their lives to maintain physical, mental and emotional health."

                                                                                                                                                                            Dra. Laura

May and Baloo, 2012

The best therapy for your pets is to allow them to re-connect with their natural environment.


Dala, 2016



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