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Baloo and Dr. Laura

Baloo and Laura, 2010

Dr. Laura Dominguez


Dr.  Laura is a holistic veterinarian who has been working in the animal field for 30 years. Trained in Barcelona (Spain) as a conventional vet, she initially focused her profession on Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation in Europe and North America. When she moved to Newfoundland in 1994, she completed her Masters in Biopsychology at MUN and continued her work on wildlife conservation, while pursuing her North American veterinary license. She then redirected her career to the small animal practice, and after a few years of working with the limitations of Western allopathic medicine, she expanded her training to holistic medicine. She also trained and certified as a veterinary acupuncturist at the Chi Institute in Florida, US. Dr. Laura bases her integrative practice on the body, mind and soul healing paradigm, encompassing the physical, emotional and mental health. Her medical work focuses on lifestyle, nutrition, the physical/mental/emotional environment, and preventative medicine. She also practices Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture to help the healing of her patients and is the Veterinarian  consultant for the ECCO-Trenca Bio-deteccion Canine Unit and active member involved in several Environmental Conservation projects in this Spanish NGO (

"We are all unique genetic pieces within a system. We are formed and are part of  micro and macro organism communities, all interconnected and co-dependent. Always subject to ever changing environmental variables. The stable health of an indivudual can only be achieved by the optimization of a balanced function and interaction of all components of the  ecosystem. From cellular communities within he body, to each individual within a family unit, within a social estructure, within a population, within ecosystems.... We cannot separate the health of a cell, an organ, or an individual from the health of the ecosystem they belong to. This is the base of a true holistic and integrative healing. If the system is not balanced, you cannot heal the individual, and viceversa."    Dr. Laura

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